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        GRK direction: Mainly research the design field of "educational space" (care institutions, early education centers, kindergartens, various educational spaces for children, as well as primary and secondary schools, high schools), including brand design, architectural design, interior design, site planning, landscape design, Play teaching aid product service research and development.

        GRK output: We advocate "driving design output with an international vision and first-class brand concept, integrating Chinese and Western, and working together to create a high-end image of an international brand for an educational space with Chinese characteristics, and enhance the brand value of educational space design."

        GRK attitude: "Always on the way of learning, never stop!" Seek hard, explore with heart, actively participate, continue to reflect, listen, and finally respond with design. "Continuous innovation and continuous transcendence" is the "eternal root" of our design.

        GRK principle: to build a bridge between architecture and education based on "people".

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