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              Zhang Xiaoguang Design Consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (GRK Design Studio for short) was founded by Mr. Zhang Xiaoguang. It is an educational space design center with an international perspective in the new era. At the beginning of the establishment, we mainly studied the design of kindergartens and early education centers. With our passion for design and innocence, we have traveled all over the country and explored more possibilities of children's space design. Our design works have won many educational work. The support and affirmation of the readers and major media. GRK has grown into an award-winning company, and its design works have been included in the "China Interior Design Yearbook", famous domestic and foreign architecture magazines, and domestic and foreign design and architecture awards many times.

               With this as the starting point, GRK originated from its love of education and its dedication to design. It continues to witness the development of China's education industry, participates in the prediction and analysis of the future prospects of China's education, and through deep learning, thinking, communication, and precipitation in the professional field. , Until 2021, our scope of design is gradually expanded to K12 education spaces (childcare institutions, early education centers, kindergartens, various educational spaces for children, as well as primary and secondary schools, high schools).


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