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        The Bilingual Kindergarten Affiliated to Shijiazhuang Foreign Language Primary School was established in August 2000 and is the largest bilingual kindergarten in Hebei Province. Teacher Zhang Xiaoguang believes that a noble, high-quality and clean children’s design space will reduce the interior decoration of the space to a minimum. Each stop point will trigger children’s infinite guesses and guide the children’s sight without a trace. And mood. Therefore, in the use of color in this design, the designer deliberately chose elegant white as the main tone. Although it is white, its color is very soft, a little warmer and noble than ordinary white. At the same time, the local decoration does not affect the atmosphere of the space, but can also play a finishing touch, and at the same time add a sense of liveliness to the entire space. In order to create a simple, yet charming and profound educational space for children, the designer outlines the outline from points, lines, and surfaces, and fills in colors from purity. The clever deconstruction of light and shadow makes the entire field reverberate with a silent visual effect.

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