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        Jiansheng Education is an educational institution with a history of 93 years. It was founded by Mr. Xiong Hui in 1923.In 1975, the first kindergarten was established by her daughter, Ms. Xiong Mingyue, in Taipei, Taiwan. Later, campuses were set up in various places in Taiwan, Beijing, Jinan and other places. Taiwan team with over 40 years of preschool education experience. The course includes all the early education courses in the workshop: baby massage, SPA, sensory integration courses, Montessori teaching, American children's language. The first educational institution in China to introduce the Big Data education system.The park combines all the iconic elements of the previous kindergarten, and adds some unique elements. Due to the vast and interesting outdoor space and the protected natural environment, Huashan Jiansheng Kindergarten has upgraded child care and early education into an art. Some areas of the kindergarten are deliberately undecorated, and the ground and walls provide a place for children to consider issues.Every space combines fantasy and reality, work and play, fun and responsibility. The space in the eyes of children has different feelings, experiences, scales and colors from adults. Therefore, we think from the original building itself.Let every place be a personal space for children to play.

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