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        Alsolon International 幼兒園


        張曉光先生經常提起:“ 幼兒園一定要崇尚自然教育,大自然才是孩子們真正的課堂 ”。必須深入到大自然去仔細觀察大自然的一些事物,因為大自然的每一種形狀都包含數學、維度、情緒和復雜性等多重關系,這些是跟孩子們息息相關的。所以一切幼兒園的設計都是大自然的設計。

        Mr. Zhang Xiaoguang often mentioned: "Kindergartens must advocate nature education, and nature is the real classroom for children." You must go deep into nature to observe some things in nature, because every shape of nature contains multiple relationships such as mathematics, dimensions, emotions, and complexity, which are closely related to children. So all kindergarten designs are designed by nature.In particular, let the children in the city return to nature, get close to the earth, lead them to play games in nature, and experience the harmony and balance that people should have, nature and nature, which is not only for the sake of Environmental education is also the care and cultivation of the naive mind.

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