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        HKNE NEW 學校建筑概念



        校園總體規劃設計,已經提前考慮到 2025 年的預期發展。整個學校設計里面涵蓋幾座新建筑。

        The overall planning and design of the campus has taken into consideration the expected development in 2025 in advance. The entire school design includes several new buildings.

        該學校建筑設計主要是通過將新建筑與現有結構相結合,為學生、教職員工創造一個溫馨的環境。公共建筑,如餐廳和學生服務中心,穿插著教學樓。包括一座 教室和藝術大樓、一座學生服務大樓和一座餐廳,一座科學大樓和一座行政中心。

        The architectural design of the school is mainly to create a warm environment for students, faculty and staff by combining the new building with the existing structure. Public buildings, such as restaurants and student service centers, are interspersed with teaching buildings. Including a classroom and art building, a student service building and a restaurant, a science building and an administrative center.

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