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        On November 23, 2015, Beijing’s outdoor scene was icy and snowy, and the conference hall of the Beijing International Convention Center was extremely lively, which can be described as "two heavens of ice and fire." Here, Mr. Zhang Xiaoguang, a famous Chinese designer and kindergarten design expert, was invited to participate in the 10th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Awards Ceremony, and was awarded the honorary title of "2014-2015 China Top 100 Interior Design Figures" . At the conference site, Mr. Zhang Xiaoguang had a cordial and professional exchange with famous design masters at home and abroad. The aim is to spread the concept of "ecological, cultural, innovative, educational, and safe" in children's space design to the hearts of every Chinese, and will continue to do more for China's educational and cultural undertakings Contribution.

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